Cheshire Moving & Storage has been relocating businesses throughout the UK for the last twenty years.

We are constantly asked if we can recycle or dispose of redundant office furniture. We can – whether it is due to the purchase of new furniture for a new site or a company simply downsizing.

Historically we introduce a dealer who will take the furniture (sometimes for a fee) or we break it down and dispose of it. The potential problems with this method is that the dealers may want to cherry pick the good equipment leaving the client with the less desirable units of the furniture and then having to pay disposal costs at £££s per tonne.

Cheshire Moving & Storage have a long standing relationship with Mango Partnership Ltd and Office Furniture Recycling Centres CIC

This enables us to offer a solution allowing us to pass on this furniture to them in pretty much any state with a view to them Refurbishing, Recycling and Up-Cycling.

This benefits both you the client along with the local community and economy; by employing local labour to restore the items and then moving them onto local Businesses, Educational Establishments and Charities at an economical cost and at the same time avoiding landfill.

Any items that cannot be restored will be stripped down and the parts used to restore repairable items internally and externally in the wider community.

We will provide your company with a full audit trail at the end of the process.

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